Problems with the ArcGIS license

Often the activation of the ArcGIS license is a headache, or after being used it is deactivated and it seems that it requires reinstalling it because it can not read it. This is the normal procedure to activate it:

Activate the license

The license can be activated through a discrete file or through a service, the simplest way to activate the service is:

1. Run the licensing tool
For this you start / programs / arcGIS / license manager / license manager tools

2. In the Service / license file panel you select the option "using services"

arcgis license

3. In the configure services tab, find the destination of the lmgrd.exe files, license.dat, then save the option with the "save service" button (This .dat file is the one that is configured in the name of the licensed equipment)

license manager arcgis

4. Activate the service, for this you go to the "start / stop / reread" label, click on "Arcgis license manager", then on "start server". After a few seconds it should appear as activated.

arcgis9 license

Frequent problems

Many times being in this option does not activate the license, the message "start failed" appears or after a few months of using it you get the message this blasphemous:

«Provide your license server administrator with the following information:
Can not connect to license server, the server (lmgrd) has not started yet, or the wrong port @ host or license file is being used, or the port or hostname in the license file has been changed. Feature: ARC / INFO, server name, license path, flexIM error: -15,10. System error: 10061 winsock: connection refused »

arcgis license

The easiest way to activate it is by:


home / control panel / administrative tools / services

license arcview activate

then you look for a service called «ArcGIS license manager», select it and activate it with the «activate service» icon, if it seems to be activated you do it with the «restart service» icon

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75 Replies to "Problems with the ArcGIS license"

    the following error of ArcMap 10.7.1 when starting it, I already tried everything but it still appears at the moment that says «loading document»…
    thanks for the help

  2. I have the problem with ArcMap 10.3, I think the majority who own this version, what solution there may be towards the problem that does not display the GO TO XY option, Regards.

  3. Jesus:

    I have a problem with the installation of arcgis 9.3 marks me an error in the hostname error 11001. can someone give me a solution please

  4. I have problems to uninstall the Arcgis License Manager 10, but it does not allow it. I tried to do it from the control panel but it tells me that I do not have authorization, I also tried it with Revo Unistaller and the License Manager's own program to uninstall it. Does anyone have any ideas?

  5. hello everyone I have a problem with arcgis 10 veran I want to make a precipitation map after doing the interpolation method IDM always comes out the same error for other methods. like if I use geostatistics I get the model but I can not make it raster to be able to do map algebra

  6. Okay. Hello everyone. Friends I have a problem but first of all to say that the version of Arcgis that I am using is the 9.3. The problem lies when I use a tool in the toolsbook that I get a very ugly sign that says as if in my license that was not activated, but only for 3d spatial analysis tools and others that I installed later ...
    thanks and I hope an answer

  7. It would be very good if someone answers this, because it happens to me too. The crack came with a concurrent license ... and I do not have any licensed extensions !! Anyone know how to fix it?

  8. I tried to do all this and nothing worked, and testing and testing worked in some way when I disconnect the WIRELESS, that is to say that the moment I disconnect the internet as if by magic the problem was solved and I was able to open the program without no problem, now my question is that if there is some plugg-in or some strange file that is invandiendo my computer ???? I will thank them

  9. That should have been generated by the system when you installed the program. If you have problems with this, you should call your provider, because I understand that you have a legal license.
    If you are looking for a pirated license, we can not help you pitifully.

  10. Very good contribution. When I search for the destination of the "license.dat" file, it doesn't appear and I don't know where I find it. This prevents you from activating the arcgis again.
    I will appreciate your help.


  11. I have a problem, undo arcgis 9.3 because, when using arctoolbox, I did not find the tool to convert a raster to polygon, which I checked in the menu tool / extensions, and it was missing, I wanted to install the extension, but it behaved the same , then I decided to unpack arcgis, and also the license which I have not been able to unravel through deintalers, if someone has passed this same please tell me how I could do it, I wanted to delete the ESRI folder, where that is the crack license with the name 9.xlic but I can't erase it, when I undo it from the control panel it gives me a quick message that says in the Wise unistall window; invalidated, I hope that the colleagues who work with arcgis help me. Thanks and greetings to all.

  12. I have the arcgis 10, everything works perfectly, except when I export or import geodatabases, it generates an error and in which it shows me that my license is not original, how can I solve this problem, I do not know if someone has this problem and I solve it.

  13. I have problems when I am in the administrator license manager, to activate my server I get an error message: the computer you chose is not a valid license server or is running an older version of the license manager, I want you to guide me in this aspect

  14. Thanks for this great contribution. I want you to know that those simple lines solved a headache

  15. good morning
    I have a problem:
    I have a valid license of arcgis and its extensions and in principle I have done everything that must be done for its installation but at the time of opening the arcmap and give it in tools and extensions I do not see any. someone could help me please solve my problem

    thank you very much

  16. Hello, good evening, I first thank you for working on this page because it is very good.
    I have a problem with Arcgis 10. And I am wrong with the GO TO XY tool. I install the servi pack so it can be fixed and some Arctool box tools, such as slope, stop working immediately. If I fix the "slope" error, GO TO XY stops working.
    If someone could help me, please, I have to do several jobs for the university and I can not work.
    Thank you very much.

  17. Well, I have no idea what could be happening. If your installation is legal, contact ESRI support in your country.

  18. Nothing, still not starting. I've reinstalled it twice and it gives me the same problem ...

  19. I'll try and comment on what's going on.

    It is strange, also, because the ArcGis files the computer does recognize them to open with ArcMap, but by double clicking the program does not open.

    It is an error similar to that mentioned by a person in the cartesian forum:

    But, in this case, I do not use virtual machine, if not a simple PC.

    Thank you.

  20. Then surely the installation is damaged. You will have to reinstall.

  21. I mean the startup window you have many programs when you open them while loading the interface.

    The license manager gives me okay to all the licenses, and it seems that everything is correct.

    It's just as if the program has not just opened.

  22. I do not understand when you say that the typical window opens.
    You should see what extensions you have active on your license.

  23. Hello

    I have a problem with ArcGis 9.2. I installed it correctly, the license manager says ok to everything but I start to open any of its programs, such as ArcMap, and I only open the typical window when a program opens: the design of it, version, etc. . And nothing else opens. It does not give me any type of error. What could it be? Use Windows XP, for more information.

    To see if anyone can give me a solution, thanks in advance ..

  24. please I want to install the extensions I need help please send me a manual thanks ............ ..

  25. Hello

    I'm installing ArcGis and I'm a bit silly for this ... There's an error that comes up all the time, I guess it's silly but I can not pass it.

    I don't know how to place or where I should change the "pan-reload" to the name of my PC ... Do you know how it is done? THANKS

    Feature: ARC / INFO
    Hostname: pan-reload
    License path: C: \ Program Files \ ESRI \ License \ arcgis9x \ ArcGIS9.lic;
    FLEXnet Licensing error: -96,7. System Error: 11004 «WinSock: Valid name, but no record (NO_ADDRESS)»

  26. I think the most appropriate thing is to contact your local ESRI provider, because if you bought a legal license you should not have problems.

  27. please I need help arcgis 9.2 worked for me a while ago now that I open it again gives me license error, I followed all the steps but it does not work for me, please help me please

  28. I get this because I want to know Provide your license server administrator with the following information:
    License server machine is down or not responding.
    See the system adminstrator about starting the license server system, or
    make sure you're referring to the right host (see LM_LICENSE_FILE).
    Feature: ARC / INFO
    Hostname: Not_Set
    License path: © Not_Set;
    FLEXnet Licensing erron-96,7. System Error: 11004 «WinSock: Validate me, but no
    record (NO.ADDRESS) »

  29. Hi, I have the problem that I do not rename the license already in the managed one, I have loaded the files but it tells me that I need permission from the administrator. Thank you

  30. Well, apparently the license link was lost. Possibly you installed a program that cleaned the registry, and if it was illegal, it got there.
    These things, for professional purposes, it is better to buy them legal or to use other less expensive programs.

  31. Ideally, you should contact the company that sold you the license.

  32. Hey.
    resuilta that install arcgis 9.3 already with everything and license but when I go to Inio / programs / arcgis / desktoplicence something like that .. I put in license manager, I enter the name of the team, and I get an error about the license is old something like that . I go to the compuruebo license and the name is correct. I need help urgently because I'm in charge of a project and I have 2 in charge who are unemployed because of that issue ... by faaaaaaaaaaa

  33. hello friend beforehand thanks for the support.
    my machine has window 7, and I had the arcgis 9.3 working until I could not enter and a blasphemous message came out.
    I followed your steps but I have a problem when saving the option with the “save service” button. It indicates that the FLEXIm license serviceice change failed, because I need to be the administrator to do this function, as I do to fulfill this step, since I still get the message this blasphemous.
    Thank you.

  34. hello friend beforehand thanks for the support.
    I followed your steps but I have a problem when saving the option with the “save service” button. It indicates that the FLEXIm license serviceice change failed, because I need to be the administrator to do this function, as I do to fulfill this step, since I still get the message this blasphemous.
    Thank you.

  35. What happens is that you possibly had an illegal license installed. When installing the 1 Service pack, the registry was cleaned, and that is why it asks you to buy the license.
    I could not help you in this, because our policies prevent us from promoting practices that violate intellectual property rights.

    A greeting.

  36. hello if you could help me install the arcgis 10 install everything correctly but the function of arctolol box / data management and spatial analyst tool does not mention an error saying that this tool has no license; When installing the 1 service pack, the program stopped working, please help me I have this problem for a long time

  37. hello if you could help me install arcgis 10 install everything correctly but the function of arctolol box / data managament and spatial analyst tool does not mention an error saying that this tool has no license; when installing the 1 service pack, the program stopped working

  38. In many cases, when installing the license server stays 88%, and it does not pass.
    You should check if it is running with administrator permission.

  39. That does not come with the license alone, you occupy to buy the respective extensions.

  40. Hello, good pleasure, you know, in my ArcGis 9.3 I do not see several of the arctools, among them, the conversion tool ... which I really need now ... well if you could help me, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you very much the same.

  41. Hi, I have a problem that the license says I do not have the license to use the geoestatistycal analysis tool that can do?

  42. Dear Kevin:
    The problem is that to see the information that the projects keep, obviously the shapes that are in the view, must be in the folder in which the project linked them. That means if your shapes are in C: \ Practice, that folder should be there. If so, it is most likely that the shape files were corrupted at the time of recovery.
    Another option is to right-click each topic in the table of contents and go to the Data / Repair Data option ... The option to find the shape in the folder where it is currently located appears.
    Also, projects (* .mxd) can be configured at the moment of saving them, so that the program looks for the shapes regardless of the disk where they are, as long as the path is the same.

  43. hello I want to make a query I made some maps with 9.3 arcgis but unfortunately the machine was damaged I recovered the files I installed the arcgis in another machine but at the moment of opening the files in the other machine I loaded the file but I can not make modifications because I get signs of admiration that make the icons appear as not activated as I can do to open them.


    Kevin Reyes

  44. Thank you very much, if it works and I no longer see the window of problems with the license when starting the arcgis

  45. Congratulations on your page is excellent.
    Hello everyone
    I have the Arcgis 8.0 installed on a PC with Windows 7 of 32 bits, I'm trying to load the tools, but every time I select Customize I vote for the program with a message that says ArcMap has stopped working, I had previously installed in Windows XP and it worked without any problem


  46. Hello everyone,
    I have had the same problem as many people error 15,570, which says that the license manager can not connect.
    Well, the problem comes from the windows firewall, disable it for that program, reboot and it starts to work. I have installed it in Windows 7 and it goes to perfection.


  47. Hello G! said, thanks for your help, of course I have applied all kinds of formulas, among others that you have recommended us, without results, I think it will be better to start working with another sig.

    A greeting and thank you very much

  48. I guess Jhunior and Teresa are talking about a non-pirated version of ArcGIS 9. If so, then the most practical thing is to call your representative who has sold them the software, because for what they have paid you should support them.

    If they are talking about an illegal version ... mmm difficult, the rules of this blog do not allow to support these practices.

    The logical order of this is in:
    -Install the license manager
    - Run the license server.
    -Install the ArcGIS

    The second step is that I can not support you, because you must have a .dat or .lic extension file where the licenses you have purchased (or obtained there) are registered. From the place you downloaded the trick, you should have downloaded an instruction to tell you step by step how to do it, for both xp and Vista, it is different.

  49. Hi, it's great to read this page and receive hope. After a long season working with arcGIS I decided to install some more updated I mean the 9.2 or the 9.3 but there is no way, I have even tried to install the old one again but without results, I have tried so many that I have a collection of errors that scares. The first error that I got after trying to install the 9.2 was that the "LMGRD had detected a problem and had to close", another of the usual errors is the one that appears "server diags" says that the license file is from Autodesk Map 2004 and well as you see a whole repertoire of problems; I understand that the incidence is in the license, could you give me a cable ?, I am somewhat desperate.

    A cordial greeting

  50. Hi, how are you? I have problems with the argis 9.2, it was working fine but I don't know what happened that I did not read ARC MAP when I want to open it, nothing comes out and well what I did is undock it but when I undo the license I can't know how to do it, I don't know what to do

  51. Someone told me that another reason why the problem can happen, that the service seems to be lost is to change the IP number of the machine.

    For this you can check the lmtools, the system settings tab, if the IP adress matches the one assigned to the machine.

    I have not been able to verify it, but I leave it to verify it.

  52. Hello, I have arnix 9.3 running, I am told that if I open the program with open internet, I will block argis. It's true?

  53. This is a file that contains the license data you bought and your computer, it is usually activated when you first install the program and register it. If you can't find it, locate the ESRI representative who sold you the program.

  54. Friend thanks for the contribution but it does not work for me ... well I do not understand that of the .DAT files in the part that there is to say that it says path to the lincense file: ... but I do not know which file to choose .. since there is no file .DAT in the folder C: \ Program Files \ ESRI \ License \ arcgis9x I would really appreciate it if you answered my question .. thanks

  55. To help you, I'd like you to clarify if your license is original or pirated, as it might be that the name of your computer is not coinciding with the one registered in the license.

  56. Hi, could you help me, instatle arcview 8.01 and to activate it follow the steps you indicate and notice something other than a data you have, when I'm on the Start / Stop / Reread label I'm supposed to select Arcgis license manager but in my window it says ESRI license manager and pressing start sever is not activated. Another point is that when wanting to start the program I see the problem that you mentioned of system error: 10061 winsock: connection refused then I followed the steps to activate it and again with the name of Arcgis lic ... it does not appear and only this ESRI lic ..., I do not understand because it does not match the data that your samples with the one that I have and that both affect this, now I do not know that I am wrong in the process. I hope you can help me, thank you in advance.

  57. In Windows Vista, to enter the services panel you do this:

    Start / R button. This is equivalent to Start, run

    then there you write services.msc

    With the other ... I have no idea

  58. Hey.

    Very good your page. Thank you !
    I wanted to ask you for two details. The first is that I have Vista and that does not work the route you give to reactivate the license. When I get to "Administrative Tools / Services" it does not allow me to access. I wanted to know if that is a general problem that we have Vista or not.

    I also wanted to ask you about ArcGlobe. I can't make it work. I get the following message «Generating ArCID Module». And it stays stuck. In the tutorial I downloaded, it is explained that this is because (for those of us with a dual-core processor) one of the cores is working hard and explains how to fix it. Here is the link in case you want to download it:

    But the solution does not work in Vista. Watching the video, do you think you can find the solution on Vista?

    Thank you

  59. and can you uninstall that extension? total is not supported

  60. Thanks I realize it works, but I have another problem, it turns out that I install archidro tools i seems to install another version not compatible i now that application does not leave me the arcmap

  61. Look at the "server diagnostics" tab and check if the license for 3D Analyst is registered there

  62. I have a problem I do not know if you can help me, when I try to use the 3D bar analyst but it will not let me tell me that I do not have a license for that operation, what could be the solution?

  63. If you formatted the machine, it is possible that the device has another name. You right click on my pc, then you see the properties and check the name it has in "team name"

    that same name must be in the license file, check the .lic and .dat

  64. Hello:

    It turns out that last year I successfully installed the 9.2 arcgis on my machine. I created the program partition this year and installed XP and then proceeded to install the arcgis again, making sure there were no files from the old arcgis but this new installation has been a failure because when I run lmtools the server is allowed to stop and then start but does not reread the license it appears as an error that the lmgrd.exe file does not start and it does not let me then install the desktop arcgis successfully

  65. hello ... well the truth I followed those steps and I worked correctly ... I had the same problem and with activate the service worked, but before I had already checked that the .dat or .lic tubiera the name of my makina ... I congratulate men ... grax for the contribution ...

  66. According to the screen you show, the license server has not even been activated. You should check if your license file with a .dat extension is correct or has the information related to your device

  67. hello I have the arcgis 9.2 and followed your step, I was but I keep coming out a message = blasphemous as you say, some solution that you know, thanks

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