UDIG, an open source GIS alternative

  • 2014 - Brief predictions of the Geo context

    The time has come to close this page, and as happens in the custom of those of us who close annual cycles, I drop a few lines of what we could expect in 2014. We will talk more later, but just today, which is the last year:…

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  • 118 themes from FOSS4G 2010

    The best that can remain from these events are the PDF presentations that are very practical for reference in training or decision-making processes; more in these times than the open source geospatial world has…

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  • UDig, first impression

    We have already taken a look at other open source tools in the GIS area before, including Qgis and gvSIG, apart from non-free programs that we have tried before. In this case we will do it with User-Friendly Desktop Internet GIS…

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  • Geophysics: 2010 Predictions: GIS Software

    A couple of days ago, in the heat of a stick coffee that my mother-in-law makes, we were hallucinating about the trends set for 2010 in the Internet area. In the case of the geospatial environment, the situation is more…

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  • Portable GIS, everything from a USB

    Version 2 of Portable GIS has been released, a simply wonderful application to run from an external disk, a USB memory and even a digital camera the necessary programs for managing spatial information both at the...

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  • Comparison of spatial data handlers

    Boston GIS has published a comparison between these spatial data management tools: SQL Server 2008 Spatial, PostgreSQL/PostGIS 1.3-1.4, MySQL 5-6 It's interesting that Manifold is mentioned as a viable alternative... that's good after it does more from…

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  • GIS Software Alternatives

    We are currently experiencing a boom among many technologies and brands whose application in geographic information systems is feasible, in this list, separated by the type of license. Each of them has a link to a page where you can find more…

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