Well, I'm finally here.

image After long 8 hours of travel, tedious moments with immigration officials who most seem to want to touch you balls to check if you are carrying dangerous content, I have happily arrived at the Marriot Hotel in the Inner Harbor area ... at 12 at night, Eastern Time.

Well, here is the BE Conference 2008 to start, the mara registering, the geofumados there taking their starbuck and I solving problems of survival, although to go as a guest "press", I have a right to a cozy space with cushioned armchairs ... but lonely.

…survival? yes, the user and password of the Convention Center to have wireless access; I met Christine Beyrn there, who with a New York style told me: "please, do not give that to any body ... or I'll kill you" ... although I'm sure that tells everyone, hehe ... epa ! Aunt is not ugly.

I have also avoided 15 dollars + transport because to the event map display that I had planned, I have been given a ticket so this afternoon I will be there ... point the 15 $ as we will see if we celebrate the anniversary next month.

From the outset I am curious about the keynote of today, one dedicated to the advances that carry the products "Athens", if you remember is the profession that launched in 2005 to what comes after XM ... and I'm curious because from 2004 they talked about "Mozart", I hope to impress.


There I tell you, although I do not know what to expect from this event, because the last time I said "to see that we take you to this eventI won a publication in Menéame I got 10,000 visits in two days.

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