Augmented or virtual reality? Which is better to present a project?

The way of presenting the projects has undergone an important transformation, thanks to the digitalization of the industry and the application of new technologies. And it was a question of time that these advances also reached the sector of structures. Both augmented reality and virtual reality give the possibility to present projects in a most innovative and striking way, contributing in turn a great value for your understanding.

Large companies and small architecture and engineering studios around the world are using these technologies in their daily processes, in various phases of the project. But before deciding to introduce them it is necessary to know their differences to know what is needed, something that will depend on the project in question.

Augmented reality and virtual reality: differences

Through Augmented reality is superposed virtual extra information about real elements and environments. In this way, it is possible, for example, to show an 3D model of the project on the real environment in which it will be located, and visualize it as a whole. The augmented reality also allows to show the progress of the project, highlighting and superimposing the different phases.

For its part, Virtual reality consists of using devices that cover the view, making only a virtual 100% environment. Nothing that is seen is real, generating a virutal world in 3D or through 360 photos or videos. This allows, for example, to start from the location where the project is going, to place the 3D model that we have projected on them.

Both in the examples of augmented reality With virtual reality, the user has the opportunity to interact with the world, receiving important information about the project.

Way to incorporate augmented reality and virtual reality to a project

We found in the Augmented reality examples very good of its application in projects, as in the case of virtual reality. And the fact is that, contrary to what it may seem, it is a very easy and fast process.

Precisely the most complicated thing is to get to what we already have, which is our own project calculated and modeled in 3D. Starting from that base we will only have to choose to show it in augmented reality on a plane or superimpose the 3D model on the real location of the structure, or to resort to virtual reality either in our studio or in the client's facilities. The choice will depend on the size of the project and the investment that will be made.

If you decide on augmented reality you can use a platform for engineering, to publish the project in a confidential personal channel. You can also develop a custom application for the project. But if you opt for virtual reality, you must develop a company specialized only in the development of virtual reality.

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  1. It begins with a question and does not arrive at an answer or solution, the article does not clarify the doubt it raises, it is as if it were asking, is it 1 or is it 2? And the article would answer "if both are numbers"

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