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Free AutoCAD Course, Available for Download

Some time ago we published the version of this free AutoCAD Course, now the version for AutoCAD 2013 has been released, in which you can download the first section for free and additionally:

Now you can buy it for download!

Why is it a Free AutoCAD Course?

It's called a Free AutoCAD Course because you can view it online at no cost. For downloading or mailing has a cost.

Together, Z! Coupons and Immediate Guides we have worked a new version of AutoCAD Course 013, which can be purchased via direct download partially or completely.AutoCAD free course

The product to buy complete includes:
  • Complete course of AutoCAD 2013 2D and 3D with more than 450 videos
  • Simplified browser for topics
  • All Sample files of the course
  • More from 17,000 drawings Dwg de Blocks and models 3D
  • 255 digital book pages with 40 chapters
  • Shipping included cost To your house, To any country of America and Europe
  • You can pay by PayPal, Bank Transfer or Credit Card
For the number of updated videos now comes on two DVD, executable for Windows, running without installation.
It is that true. The subject of the course includes more than 450 videos with which you can master everything that AutoCAD 2013 does in both 2 dimensions and 3D modeling processes.
All the videos are high definition and include audio in Spanish and if we add that amount of blocks, it is definitely a gift for this price, considering that one of the modalities includes shipping to the door of your house by Mail.
Below the list of contents:

First Section: Basic Concepts of AutoCAD 2013

  • Chapter 1: What is AutoCAD?
  • Chapter 2: The AutoCAD 2013 screen interface
  • Chapter 3: Units and Coordinates
  • Chapter 4: Basic Drawing Parameters

Second Section: Simple Construction of Objects

  • Chapter 5: Geometry of Basic Objects
  • Chapter 6: Composite Objects
  • Chapter 7: Object Properties
  • 8 Chapter: Text

autocad1 course AutoCAD 3D course on your door, for $ 34.99Third Section: Advanced Object Construction

  • Chapter 9: Object References
  • Chapter 10: Object Reference Tracing
  • Chapter 11: Polar Tracking
  • Chapter 12: Parametric Restrictions
  • Chapter 13: Navigation 2D
  • Chapter 14: View Management
  • Chapter 15: The Personal Coordinate System

Fourth Section: Simple Editing of Objects

  • autocad2 course AutoCAD 3D course on your door, for $ 34.99Chapter 16: Selection Methods
  • Chapter 17: Simple Edition
  • Chapter 18: Advanced Editing
  • Chapter 19: Clamps
  • Chapter 20: Shading, Gradients, and Contours
  • Chapter 21: The Properties Palette

Fifth section: Organization of drawings

  • Chapter 22: Covers
  • Chapter 23: Blocks
  • Chapter 24: External References
  • Chapter 25: Resources in Drawings
  • Chapter 26: Queries

autocad3 course AutoCAD 3D course on your door, for $ 34.99Sixth section: Sizing

  • Chapter 27 Dimensioning
  • Chapter 28 CAD Standards

Seventh section: Layout and publication

  • Chapter 29 Print Layout
  • Chapter 30 Configuring Printing
  • Chapter 31 AutoCAD and Internet
  • Chapter 32 Plan Set

autocad4 course AutoCAD 3D course on your door, for $ 34.99Eighth section: Three-dimensional drawing

  • Chapter 33 The Modeling Space 3D
  • Chapter 34 SCP in 3D
  • Chapter 35 Viewing in 3D
  • Chapter 36 Objects 3D
  • Chapter 37 Solids
  • Chapter 38 Surfaces
  • Chapter 39 Mesh
  • Chapter 40 Modelized

Security in the purchase:

The course is paid using FastSpring's secure service, to ensure that you can pay via different forms that people have requested and in the local currency equivalent.
  1. The first way is by using a credit or debit card.
  2. The second is through a PayPal account
  3. The third is by ACH bank transfer, for those who have an online branch. Not applicable in all countries.
  4. The latter is by international transfer. For this you have to select "Purchase Order", to receive the correspondent bank data in the mail with the bank of your preference in your own city.

Fastspring forms of payment AutoCAD 3D course on your door, for $ 34.99

Modalities to Acquire it

In response to readers' requests, we have included, in addition to the mailing mode, two more options: Downloading the content of the two DVDs and downloading individual chapters:


1. Direct download of the two CDs.

Includes the two discs, blocks and exercise files.  US$ 29.99   Buy the complete course


2 Complete course of AutoCAD 2013, sent by mail. 

It takes between 3 and 4 weeks to arrive. Includes two discs, blocks and exercise files.US$ 34.99 Buy the complete course


3. Partial sections of the course by download.

Full section - copyDirect download by section. It does not include the blocks or files that come in the complete course, only the videos and explanations.


  • First section (Basic concepts)

US$ 4.99 Buy


  • Second Section (Simple construction of objects)

US$ 4.99 Buy


  • Third section (Advanced Object Construction)

US$ 4.99 Buy


  • Fourth section (Editing Objects)

US$ 4.99 Buy


  • Fifth section (Organization of drawings)

US$ 4.99Buy


  • Sixth section (Dimensioning / Dimensioning)

US$ 4.99 Buy


  • Seventh section (Printing, drawing and publishing)

US$ 4.99 Buy


  • Eighth section (Three-dimensional drawing)

US$ 4.99 Buy

4. Buy multiple sections at the same time

  • The shipment is by express mail, which takes from 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the distance; The shipment leaves Mexico, reason why within this country can take hardly one week. We give you a code to track it online.
  • The shipment is made two business days after payment has been received, and this is done by Unpublished Guides from Mexico.


Promotion: Download the First Section for free.

Zatoca classifiedsDespite being in its test phase, courtesy of Zatoca Classifieds, temporarily will be given free of charge the first chapter of the Course and until exhausting the existence of the promotion:

For this, the following requirements must be met:

  • Have a Google Drive account (Formerly Google Docs)

Of course, the promotion is for a limited time.

The purchase of this course for free download is currently not available.

Can only be viewed online for free

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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  1. Good night
    I'm trying to connect with your stores to order a copy of AutoCAD 2013 BUT I DO NOT SEE THE OPTIONS OR THE LINKS DO NOT WORK

  2. So is. What you download, when burned on a DVD you will have exactly what is sent to you by mail.

  3. Good. I would like to know if, by downloading the Autocad 2013 Course, apart from the two cd, blocks and exercises, does it also include the 400 digital book pages?
    Slds atte, Leonardo

  4. Have in stock if my order was large, from 50 to 200 copies?

  5. It is based on AutoCAD 2013, of course with an update of the 2012 course.
    The videos are high resolution

  6. Good afternoon,

    I would like to acquire the full Course of autocad 2013 with 450 videos and others.

    I need to know if it is done with Autocad 2013 because I was seeing that the topics are the same as another course of the 2012 from there the doubt comes to me.

    I would pay for Paypal the cost of 30 dollars to download them online.

    I also wanted to know if they have good image quality.

    Slds atte, Leonardo

  7. Yes, the promotion continues.
    We're busy sending you your Gmail account and letting us know that you've linked it to CloudHQ

  8. follow the promotion to download the first part for free… I meet the requirements
    Can you still give me the download link…?

  9. The audio of the course is in Spanish, the commands used are in English, to be more dominated by the users.

  10. The course that version of commands in autocad uses, in Spanish or in English?

  11. Hello Francisco
    You can make payment with debit card, but we are not able to say if you can with which you mention, you will have to try.
    Yes, it includes exercises.

  12. Hi. I am really interested in buying the course, especially by sending it to an address. But before I do, I'd like to ask you to please answer a couple of questions if you're very kind. 1.- It is indicated that the payment can be made by credit card. But can it be done with debit Walmart mastercard ?, 2.- I have already reviewed the course, but my question is Do you incorporate exercises to do ?. Thank you and I hope to reply soon.

  13. Hello Gabriel. To buy it follow the link indicated in the article, you pay by credit card or PayPal.
    The AutoCAD Program is not included, but you can download a student version in That serves you up for 36 months.

  14. Send me the steps to follow to buy it, I live in the United States in the state of texas to be more specific, I would also like to know if the autocad is included to install it in my computer

  15. Hello,

    I did not receive your response, please send it to me again.


  16. Hello,

    The fact is that I am not from Mexico, but I have a balance in Mexico's pay market and I would like to pay for it, buy the physical, send me the shipment, I'm interested in a lot, and while the Product that takes a lot, you send me the download links of the modules, I think they are 8? To go review it.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding.


  17. Hello, Gerardo.
    Of course you can pay for it. We have sent the information to your email.

    If you are in Mexico, I do not see it necessary that you need the downloadable version, since it arrives in less than a week.
    But we can give you access for you to check online.

    That is because for us the download has a cost as it is in a paid service.

  18. Hello,

    I am interested in buying the course, but I do not know if maybe I can pay you through MercadoPago de México, I have a balance there and I would like to use it.

    If I bought the physical version, could you also send me the downloadable version while the product arrives? Of course it would be only at the price of the physical version I suppose.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.



  20. As you have seen the instructions at the bottom of the article, they are free first 4 chapters of the first section.
    For this, the following requirements must be met:

    Have a Google Drive account (Formerly Google Docs)
    Have a Dropbox account, if you do not have one open.
    Sign in to CloudHQ and link your Google Drive and Dropbox account

  21. I'm Victor Vasquez, Graphic Designer and Web Designer, I need to learn the 13 car because I've seen in the market that it has sold too much and it's a very useful program. I would like to buy the album and the book and the videos. The reason for this is because I do not want to stay behind what they know autocad. I know I can match it pretty well. and I also really like it, I will not have any problem because I use several programs like Illustrator, InDesign, Quarxexprees 8, Fireword, photoshop, could you please send me information as to be able to buy and learn it.

    victor vasquez

  22. 29.99 dollars equals 128.74 Bolivares fuertes.
    If you buy it for mailing, 34.99 dollars equals 150.20

  23. The price on strong bolivares what would it be? I have been watching your videos and they are excellent. Greetings.
    Luis Estrada

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