10 + 5 articles to remember + 1 magazine

After the bad taste left by football matches last night and the milestone milestone of commitments that the mortgage makes us take, I leave 20 carefully selected articles from two highly frequented sites in this geospatial world. I wanted to put a cooler theme, but in the end I'm content to know how to complicate the simple to extreme values ​​... that's what my wife says!

Franz's blog

Those who already know it will know that I am talking about one of the most important sites in terms of resources for users of cartography, especially using the ArcGIS software. By the way, born in Ecuador.

As a recommendation, I leave these articles 10:

  1. Create an 2D Profile and build the 3D Model of the Underground in ArcGIS
  2. Define Projection and Reproject in ArcGIS
  3. COGO tool in ArcGIS (topographic surveys)
  4. ArcGIS Tutorials 10 in Spanish in PDF format
  5. Fit a polygon to the shape of a line in ArcGIS
  6. Draw data from a topographic survey in ArcGIS
  7. 1935 Error in ArcGIS Installation
  8. Install sextant in ArcToolbox "Merge" gvSIG in ArcGIS 10
  9. Calculate the volume of land displaced in a collapse with ArcGIS
  10. Supervised and unsupervised classification in ArcGIS

And if you did not find what you were looking for, ask Franz


This is still the oldest site with the largest number of active users in its forums, especially the topography and Cadastre.

Difficult to choose 10 articles but here a dare.

  1. UTM Geographic Calculator
  2. Manual of classic topography
  3. Forum for Topography in Cartesia
  4. V8.200609 Version of the Geodetic Calculator
  5. Peters projection

Worldview magazineMundoGEO magazine in Spanish

Already available to browse the MundoGEO magazine in Spanish that brings much more than eyeing topics of interest such as:

  1. Geotechnologies as tools for the systematization of knowledge
  2. The trends of Spatial Data Infrastructures and the management of geospatial information
  3. Scale of temporality and challenges: urbanizations of Latin America and the Caribbean
  4. Application, behavior and context: a set of principles for surveyors
  5. And of course, the third edition of the section "Who is who in the geospatial sector of Latin America?" When I see the personalities that are included I feel honored to have been mentioned in that section.

View the magazine

3 Replies to "10 + 5 articles to remember + 1 magazine"

  1. So are the communities. Users do not die, they only go from one place to another, as they find interaction.
    It is probable that Cartesia renews its platform, because it has a great faithful community.
    The case of GabrielOrtiz, for years has been the flagship site because knowledge is made by those who keep the forum alive; A pity that moderating its content and promoting warmth has not been so easy. It no longer has the same participation of the group, although it maintains a high visitor traffic, fewer people respond.

    Of course, the merit of both sites is to remain valid, because as there were many who disappeared. GabrielOrtiz exists from 2003, Cartesia from 2001. No one can take away from pioneers.

  2. As always excellent your contributions really did not know the page franz, super good almost like egeomates, I have checked and have accurate information and content of real life, that's what I liked about franz, usually my sources have Been gabrielortiz and cartesia, but thanks for letting us know that there are other places with good information.


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