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To perform the installation of the ArcGIS Pro application, several indications that are listed below must be taken into account.

  1. Email: in order to create an account associated with ArcGIS Pro, an email must be active, since all information is sent through this to activate the product.
  2. For users who already have an ArcGIS Online account, they can not use the same credentials to run ArcGIS Pro, as they are completely different accounts. However, if an account is opened in ArcGIS Pro, with the same email that was used for ArcGIS Online, these will be automatically associated and all products created from the desktop application on the web will be visible.
  3. Credentials: at the time of creating the key user name, they must keep them at hand, to be able to access the desktop application.

Download, installation and access to ArcGIS Pro.

After having taken into account the above considerations, we continue with the process of downloading, installing and accessing ArcGIS Pro. For this example, the My Esri account will also be created for the use of ArcGIS Online.

  1. Locate in the browser the web page of ArcGIS Pro, click on the Free trial option.

2. A new tab opens where you can find a form where the data is placed. These data are important, since the email that is specified, will arrive the notification for the creation of the account.

3. Afterwards, the email is checked and it is verified if the activation message arrived, if so, click on the activation link, on the page that opens, it will be placed on the user name that will have your ArcGIS Pro account and your password. .: user: abc123_ab / password: xxxxx

4. Then, a page is opened to establish the parameters of the organization, and the required data are placed in the form and activated.

5. To continue, the page of the organization already created is opened, where all the data will be stored, generated by the organization itself. Likewise, the credits obtained by creating the account are displayed.

6. To activate the use of the application, the section where the licenses are administered is located, and a new tab is opened, where they are assigned one by one to be used later.

7. At the end of the assignment of the licenses, it is entered in the user menu, and the My Esri option is located. In this step you must be very careful, since the user and passwords that are placed at this point, do NOT correspond to the credentials of ArcGIS Pro.

8. To begin, click on create a new public account and fill in the data in the form. Note that the user name can not match the one previously created for ArcGIS Pro, it must be a new one. .: user: abc123_ab123 / password: xxxxx

9. After the previous step, it is verified if the activation email has arrived for the My Esri account.

10. The corresponding data are placed in the form, with this activation, another amount of credentials is acquired that will add 1200 for the use of Esri web tools.

11. At the end, you return to the organization's page and in the user menu, the option "Trial downloads" is located, a new tab is opened where you can download the application.

12. After having the downloaded application, it runs for installation on the computer, very simply, like any other program.

13. At the end of the installation the application is opened, and the login credentials are requested, the first created user is placed (user: abc123_ab / password: xxxxx)

If the steps are carried out correctly, the installation of the program will be successful, and they will be able to carry out all kinds of processes in this application.

Here is a video that explains this process.

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