7 mood indicators Geofumado

Friends, I'm on a trip, a very long trip. Hardly something of the breath between lines has been released today, not the Internet, no mobile signal, nothing !. Between building a model of local development, complementary to a territorial planning plan and things like that, it will leave me all week ... and the end of its ribs.

100_0713b Heart: man, you just have to see the last two drafts. From nostalgia to the delirium of two glasses of wine fasting.

Coleterol: 5.7, difficult with the egg, chorizo ​​and fried beans with lard from the western tropical.

Pressure: Normal, but I was forbidden adrenaline, unnecessary unless I must drive more than 6 hours, if I do not want to end up asleep in a zacatera again.

Time: A few days of a great holiday, a shame that can not be the whole week.

Job: A successful 5 agreement of cadastral values, it is a pleasure to have human resources of this quality. One of four came out Chiripiorca Because the mayor hesitated a second.

EXTRAS: A regret, that one of the pupilos put half foot, well, something more, almost. But well, another regret would not support it.

Smoked: On the move G! Tools, an inspiration for the Geospatial Administrator to be able to operate from Bentley Map, with a pre-conceived project to only select the user's interest.

With all or nothing, I will return in a few days to civilization.

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