Kmzmaps, colorful Google Earth maps

Kmzmaps is a company dedicated to elaborate cartographic products and for some time, the orientation that has given to your work by generating maps that can be visualized in Google Earth with a pretty eye-catching attraction that could give an added value to the use of Google Earth in Geography classes or Mapping.

Layers are purchased in series, and can be cached once they have been viewed without having them loaded onto the side panel.

Let's see something that makes kmzmaps

Google Earth Vector Maps

This is a collection that includes in vector form the kml layers of political division with different colors, as well as the grid of parallels and meridians, coastal line and other details with particularized tones, with a higher priority between black and white.

Google EarthThese are data that Google Earth does not offer for download, but which are often required for exhibits, including things like:

  • Urban areas
  • Major cities
  • Marine classification
  • Rivers
  • Important lakes
  • Important geographic mountains or elevations

Lat-Long Grid

This is a series that includes latitude and longitude with spacing of one degree, with a differentiated thickness each 5 in both latitude and longitude. Of the most striking of these layers is that there is one in which the reticle is hidden under the surface, visualizing itself only in the area covered by the oceans.

Google Earth

Natural terrain

In these, the relief of the surface is shown with a very colorful finish with a brightness and contrast quite similar to what we saw in our school atlas, although for all these maps the visualization is up to a certain height, then what you see is the normal layer of Google Earth.

Google Earth

Stylized maps

This is a very attractive series, for educational purposes. It includes both classic grayscale and others with artistic effects such as watercolor, sepia, pastel, diffused or in the form of stained glass.

Google Earth

It is not so much, but we hope that as the use of Google Earth expands that Already reports 1000 million downloads, Cartographic atlases will be sold under formats compatible with this globe that has changed some ways of seeing the world.

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