Strange questions about CAD technologies

What we have left; We laugh a little about Google Analytics statistics, because in life there is something more than clicks. Here is a collection of interesting questions 🙂 to send to Hoygan.

image 1 Where to go for an ArcView manual

... mmm, there are several places but it can also be useful to know how the spell checker works.

image 2 What AutoCAD Serves

For many things, less to improve the spelling

image3 Where to download pirated AutoCAD

... and give it !!!

image And the collection of ways to say Google Heart, Gugulert, Googleart, Google Hart, Google erth, Google aerth ... is impressive as is the world of creative ...

No, let's talk seriously then, here are some quick questions:

image 1 Can Microstation V8 be installed in Windows Vista?

Yes, but Geographics will not work (connection to ODBC projects), and I do not think Bentley takes a quick patch because he wants to sell XM

image2 Can ArcView and ArcGIS be installed on the same machine?


image3 How to learn AutoCAD?

Taking a course, forget it that's not like Excel

image4 How much is ArcView 3.3 worth?

Incredibly ESRI still sells it, it's worth $ 750

image5 ArcIMS comes with ArcGIS?

No, everything is bought separately (or the local distributor is asked ... that one who has a parrot on his back)

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  1. I have a layer of small polygons and one of large polygons; how can I put the layer of polygons guys the field of envelope that big polygon are located ????????

  2. You are a great administrator, in your page not only I find out about the latest GIS news but also I have a lot of fun with your humor, thank you very much for your wit

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