Master's in Design and Urban Planning [UJCV]

This is one of the most interesting masters in the Central American region, considering the importance it has for local governments and the irreversible urgency of the disciplines implicit in the management of the territory under a human development approach.

Mastery in urban planning ujcv

It arrives at an interesting moment, when the Universidad José Cecilio del Valle renews its strategy in its vision for being the Business University of Honduras, with interesting tendencies towards the virtualisation of almost all its processes and the outsourcing of the services that implies the search of Profiles, monitoring, mentoring; Interesting model if we consider that the priority of academia is to teach, research and have an impact on the needs of society.

About mastery.

The Master of Design and Urban Planning has an advantage to be formulated within the framework of a Cooperation Agreement of this University, with the Han-a Institute of Urban Research of the Republic of Korea and with the Soosung Engineering Company, one of the largest of engineering and architecture of Korea. It is defined as a high impact postgraduate program, aimed at enriching and enhancing the professional activity to provide a comprehensive solution to urban design and planning, fundamental elements to enhance the development of the country, and required by the business sector, the public sector , civil associations and international cooperation, according to established international norms and standards.

Career objectives.

  • To train professionals capable of detecting urban problems, including economic, environmental, cultural and spatial contexts, through the application of technical instruments and design principles with firm theoretical and technical bases to formulate and evaluate projects and physical-spatial interventions aimed at improving Urban life.
  • To train professionals with a high social and ethical commitment, with a global vision of what the intervention of a city means, providing concrete methodologies for the solution to urban and architectural problems, that allow to redesign the physical spaces that occupy the man in the present life .
  • To train urban developers aware of their social responsibility, capable of formulating projects focused on ordering or channeling the growth of cities according to the particular conditions of the environment, and of designing instruments that guarantee the viability of urban projects.

Profile of the graduate.

Mastery in urban planning ujcvThe Master in Urban Design and Planning of the UJCV produces professionals with solid training in Urban Design, Urban Planning, Management and Management of Urban and Regional Development Projects, with knowledge in methodological and technological aspects that allow them to plan, organize, and secure Implementation and coordination of resources and people to meet the objectives, results and goals urban, urban-marginal, local and regional development.

Mode of mastery.

For now, the master's degree combines virtual potential with a face-to-face participation in 6 to 8 AM schedules in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Although I would not be surprised if they soon become virtual -Which for now seems a serious disadvantage- not only because this is irreversible, but because several classes are already with all their content virtualized.

The duration is 20 months (One year 8 months), period during which 12 materials are taken and a thesis project is developed.

Distribution of content.

The content of materials is distributed in four blocks, which as can be seen, are not only focused on the traditional technicality by the frequent orientation towards Engineers and Architects; To the masters can apply professionals of social areas as it happens in other countries.

1. Management Block

  • Strategic Planning
  • Management and Strategic Approach
  • Introduction to Project Management

2. Urban Analysis Block

    • Urban Perimeters
    • Geographic information systems
    • Psycho-Social Management of the Urban Fragment

3. Design Block

    • Urban design
    • Equipment and Urban Infrastructures
    • Standards, Regulations, and Contract Management

4. Planning block.

  • The Environment in Urban Projects
  • Formulation and Management of Social Housing Projects
  • Territorial Planning

Finally the seminar of Thesis is carried out. One aspect that draws my attention and which seems to me to be very successful is that students take almost the total of classes on the same project, which they complete during the different masters. In the end, the presentation of the Thesis is much easier but also the use of knowledge is little less than promising.

The profile of the professionals who serve the classes not only suggests training with paradigms of developed countries, but also the process of unlearning and entering into strategic, managerial and business skills. As an example, the "social housing" approach has nothing to do with small, low-class houses built with government bonds, but rather the concept of smart use of spaces with different levels of economic status.

It seems to me that, well developed, this mastery -Apart from the technical level- can make professionals with the essential skills in this area, such as negotiation, transmission of ideas and approach to the frequent limitation in the Territorial Ordinance, which is the construction of an instrument that may have practical applicability for an official of a municipality to which It is not useful for a poem in PDF and that requires a guide for monitoring and decision making each year when you must formulate your budget and investment plan.

For more information:

UJCV- Master's page in Honduras or e Graduate (at)

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  1. Excellent! Training new professionals for urban projects with specialized masters is very helpful for the sector, which is currently recovering.

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