The fashions of these young people ...

Sometimes I find it difficult to understand the consequences of generational change, 0.0001784 × 10 + 6 gray hair on my right temple make me forget that the years have passed, and not in vain !. Also that therapy of my children to tickle me every 3.0875 minutes, their amazement when they tell me Don g! and his mother's affectionate diminutives for keeping me as 13 does for years IN more than

image001 (1) When I see a boy passing by, wearing his pants down his calves, his underpants and a scorpion tattooed on the back of his neck, I have that feeling of wanting to say "hello earthlings" My mother's therapy works, she reminds me that we did not always have more than 35, in my times I remember having been the headache of an aunt who wore habit in her words before the madness of us entering the baccalaureate.

I remember using (before the ponytail) a pointy from punk from the forehead to the endpoint, long with wicks in ortho down, shaved temples with the knife 1 and two lines of the 0 on each side; this was in those years that Def Leppard sang with the duodenum Love Bites, just when Bon Jovi removed the album New Jersey e Iron Maiden the seventh son of the seventh son.

Ah, what times these, we did not care that Milli Vanilli it was a farce, but it offended us that Bon Jovi she will cut her hair like a baby; do the pirouettes of MC Hammer it was an art, the girls adored us for it in public and they hated us in the bathrooms; Metallic for the ends, U2 for the select, Guns n 'Roses for any rocker with pleasure, Poison for the tasteless ... that was life !.

We wore tube pants (I do not love you like I do now) were bent at the ankle level like Tin tin, while the red scarves were just moving from 13 in the thighs to one in the head like the gangs of Niki Cruz. And our walk was like giving little impulses, I realized it when in the patriotic march season the instructor called me in front and forced me to walk normally ... do not get up !, walk flat! ... It was impossible, it was in my blood.

…seems like yesterday. Well, for some the day before yesterday.

image002 Now it's hard for us to understand these creatures that, if they do not, use it as Goku, if they do not wear loose trousers to the calf, they wear them to the hip showing the letter Y (and they are boys), with strips of 7.62 centimeters wide, buckles that could be categorized as white arms and a stance in spline that when they walk the fantasy they are seen as cube rugby.

Understanding them is not so simple, one day we discussed the subject with a friend, we were about to stop being so. Another one sent me by mail an image explains the possible reasons for our resistance to these fashions:

  • Low self-esteem due to chronic malnutrition
  • Intrinsic acrobatic skills
  • Critical case of Siamese
  • Sexual preferences within the closet
  • ... or that the sun shines on us for days.

3 Replies to "The fashions of these young people ..."

  1. I think that all generations of Latinos have looked to "Top" in our teens to copy fashions and trends. This pseudo fashion of wanting to look like gang members (long t-shirts, pants by the ankles) is copied from the US Latin ghettos-
    Fortunately, at least in this area tàn tàn austral as is my beloved Patagonia Argentina, has not gone beyond to imitate the dress more violence not ... or so continue.
    Big hug.

  2. It's not the saber Che… long-term friendly relationships are satisfactory. Investing in them makes no sense, nor weigh your compensation.

  3. Your saber should be very tasty as I just saw in one of your photos.

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