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The time that people now invest in being connected, has made games oriented to browsers or mobile phones become a profitable business.

Angry-birds-pc Angry Birds is one of those, which initially seems to be a silly and monotonous game. But once the players pass the initiation stage becomes obsessive, since more than giving food to chickens or harvesting carrots, involves levels of ingenuity increasingly interesting.

Created by the Rovio company, it is based on the projectile launching principle, from this I remember an old game for DOS that consisted in lowering a gorilla perched on the buildings, with a banana, adding an initial launch angle and velocity. Its simplicity seemed absurd, but it became entertaining given the limited range of games available and the boring afternoons in the construction company.

This, although based on that principle, has a high level of HD design, graphic taste and skilful marketing. Chrome has been another giant that has quickly integrated the browser to work offline, although it became famous first in the mobile phones and television programs that mention it.

Angry birders In this context and for this public, there is, a website dedicated exclusively to keeping fanatics of chickens informed. The web focuses on explaining, using demonstration videos, how to pass each level, which at first seems easy but as you have rocks and very soft birds what occupies is masterful touches.

From the best, the right panel links, which allow by category to choose the level in which we are interested, additionally at the bottom of this panel there are tutorials to pass each level with the success of reaching the three stars.

In terms of design, we must admit that the site is very well adjusted. Mounted on WordPress has a template with a neatly worked css, because despite using unusual fonts it works quite fast.

In terms of integration with the community, Angrybirders allows users to follow the updates through Facebook, Twitter, RSS and RSS subscription via Feedburner.

So, for users interested in Angry Birds Online, tips, codes or codes for Angry Birds, I'm sure this is the best site.

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  1. As ayare the pinche ayfon that is in the middle of the asteroids

  2. Hey can you send me a code, I need to kill those damn pigs

  3. A good strategy game Angry Birds ARRIBA¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ ...

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