Videos to learn AutoCAD, free !!

This is a valuable resource to learn AutoCAD with videos, which is now free, all you need to do is register. Undoubtedly it will be a great help for those who want to learn how to use AutoCAD from scratch thanks to

It is separated into at least 5 parts, the first oriented to introductory aspects, the following two to data construction and the last to the construction exercises that even have the drawing in pdf format to download:

A. Video Tutorials of AutoCAD, basic principles

1 Introduction to AutoCAD
This section is a general introduction to AutoCAD, as for those who start from scratch. Includes explanations such as menu management, coordinates, toolbars and other basic topics.

2. Create a new drawing
This section explains how to create a new drawing, unit configuration and work area. In the form of advanced creation, units, precision and angles are explained with their different variations of directions.

3. Measurement units
This video explains how AutoCAD handles both linear and angular units of measurement.

4 Coordinate system in AutoCAD
Here we explain how to place points from a point of origin using a given angle.

5. Snap control
This video contains the explanation of how to set the capture properties of tentative to draw accurately in what is known as snap.

6. Selection Methods
Here you can see the different ways to select objects individually or multiple.

7. Selection by Attributes
This is the explanation of how to select objects based on attributes such as color, layer, object type, etc.

8. Using Templates
This video includes the selection of templates to customize work units, line types, fonts, etc.

B. Construction of objects

This section contains the most commonly used commands for drawing with AutoCAD.


C. Commands to modify

This third section includes videos of some commands used to modify objects.

</ tr>

Line Properties
Offset (parallel)
Divide and measure
Stretch and move

D. Exercises of AutoCAD

In this fourth section is contained a series of exercises applying the different commands previously explained.

Absolute location
Relative Location
Location polar
Draw a mouse ear
Draw a Jig
Draw a cap
Draw a hook in C
Drawing of a plug 3D
Introduction to layouts

F. Advanced video tutorials of AutoCAD

Here are more complex figures in 3D

Extrusion from a stroke
Solid from one
Solview, soldraw, massprop

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  1. Listen very interesting your videos tutorials me interesaria if tubieras videos of how to draw a survey with lines of break

  2. Dear Luis.
    This life requires effort, just as you are making the effort to pay your career in college, there are ways to learn to use programs but they also require effort:
    - One is, if you are self-taught, there are enough free AutoCAD videotutorials on the Internet with which you can learn.
    -Other way is to pay a course with a friend, who dominates the program and insurance can teach you, but likewise you must invest time and surely an economic recognition at the time that it gives you.
    "And another is to take a course in your city."

    Be that as it may, investment in education is productive. Learning before graduation is a major advantage when finding a job; because the few classes that are given in the university generally leave us with barely basic knowledge.

  3. first thank you for your attention; then ask them to help me learn AUTOCAD I am studying Architecture and I have no chance to pay some bills I will thank you very much if you help me

  4. I would like to learn the AutoCAD program, to be updated

  5. I have a lot of interest in autocad (designs and drawings) thanks

  6. I'm an autocad student, I want to download the videos, thank you very much.

  7. I'm an autocad student, I want to download the videos, thank you very much.


  9. I can not download the videos besides I can not get the link to register in the forum .. how do I do it please?

  10. I am an engineering student and I want to learn the autocad course because it is important in my professional career and I thank you for sharing this valuable course with me and my classmates.

  11. your very good your contribution, thank you my friend

  12. it seems very good, and I would like to send us a video of how to convert an exel file into an autocad drawing

    Thank you

  13. To watch the videos you must register on the page in the link «Sign up here»

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