Scientific week

It has been an exciting week for the boys, with their experiments for science fair in Natural Sciences.the baby girl

While there was not much time to rehearse and plan, the work of the Beba has been demonstrating the electrical circuit using a cardboard spell lighthouse. Although simple, the best thing is that it has had is that the report and the exhibition were completely developed in English, because it goes in Bilingual from Kinder (the boy did not reach that happiness).

Also the scribbles of his letter were totally original with the exception of the superior title. Although it was a taste not very pleasant for not qualified for the next phase. For the next one we will have to plan something less simple, that develops its natural abilities. It is clear that his field is not pure research, but oratory, mathematics and art; strange combination that looks like architecture and Nazi tyranny.

While the Boy's work is another level. At this point it is a renewal of Stand since it won first place at the level of the five sections of First Course, so its pressure is to compete with the whole school. A good motivation considering that his first proposal of robot spell did not seem interesting to the teacher.

He has been in this for more than a month, with two companions whom I have had to carry and bring since they started such a methane gas stove. It was disgusting, because they videotaped the moment when they collected garbage, among them dog excrement; tremendous mess they armed with the mother because they already spoiled the bowl of salads that seems to deduct them from their remittances.

It was worth it when after 15 days of having it finally covered the methane ignited at the end of the hose, just had to throw some cooking oil on the stove spell so it did not turn on dry.

Also for him it is a second time he wins in this, when he was in Fourth Degree we made a house complete with light bulbs and a panel of switches to show how much he could economically save by limiting the use of one, two, or more lights on. That time, she won first place at the school level, it was a great job that they had been working together, we had made the house with a box of the Kodak Printer and the roof with the box of the Pizza of the weekend, then we painted it with tempera and we left a gap on the side where we could see the two floors completely decorated with the existing toys.

This is another artist, although more graphic and associated with technology.

He drinks

Good practices these, they remind me of my College days when we made a transistor tester, an apparatus that today would have almost no use, but in those days it was the job of any radio repair technician. Great work, although it was out of context because it was of little interest to the general public on the ground floor of the National Congress, it was also tedious and complicated to explain to the jury and teachers what the NPN polarity meant, since the device also allowed to test polarity and continuity, which we knew when an electronics technician dedicated to the trade became interested in the toy.

Ah, prices days those, Griselda, the girl from the short circuits of the heart was just in front and smiled at us from time to time even though we never knew who of the three nerds was dedicated the smile. El Chele, Obesso and Hulk (me), I had that nickname for a couple of years; the first one was devoted to that topic, now he is a technician in electronics and has a good workshop full of bones, the second one ended up being a lawyer and I ... a technological poet.

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  1. I remember that in school, we did so to say, "a radio station": We created a program in visual basic 6.0, emulating a music player, we also changed the frequency to a wireless microphone, which instead of receiving, sent to a certain frequency That microphone connected to the computer and the player in visual basic, in addition to finding the appropriate frequency in a radio player (it had to be digital radio, because the frequency of the microphone was even, not odd as it happens in the normal radio, 100.4, instead of 100.5) And with this we played the music we wanted, something super interesting turned out….

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