Excel course - advanced tricks with CAD - GIS and Macros

AulaGEO brings this new course where you will learn to get more out of Excel, applied to tricks with AutoCAD, Google Earth and Microstation.


  • Conversion of coordinates from geographic to projected in UTM,
  • Converting decimal coordinates to degrees, minutes and seconds,
  • Conversion of planar coordinates to bearings and distances,
  • Send from Excel to Google Earth,
  • Send from Excel to AutoCAD
  • Send from Excel to Microstation
  • Everything, using Excel formulas.
  • Also, know how to work advanced Excel functions using macros


Requirement or prerequisite?

  • The course is from scratch, but users who already know basic Excel will take more advantage of it

Who is it aimed at?

  • AutoCAD users
  • Microstation users
  • GIS tool users
  • Google Earth enthusiasts
  • Excel users who want to get more out of it

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