Associate a map with an Excel table

I want to associate an Excel table, to a map in shp format. The table will be modified, so I do not want to convert it to dbf format, nor put it inside the geodatabase. A good exercise for Kill the leisure of this vacation and of step to keep an eye on ArcGIS 9.3 from the Acer Aspire One.

For example I will use the data provided by Xyzmap, taking advantage of advertising for free because they have an excellent tool with which you can connect ArcGIS with Google Maps loading the view as a layer.


  • 1. Xyzmap provides a mundi map in shape file format, with a dbf containing two columns: one with the country code and one with the name.
  • 2. Also included is an Excel file that has country statistical data, and a column with the country code.

Manifold tables

The dream

The objective is to associate the Excel table with the map, in an external way so that you can continue to operate with it while you can perform mapping and mapping operations.

The solution in 3 steps

I'm going to use Manifold GIS, and then I'll try it with ArcGIS 9.3

1. Upload map

File> import> drawing

2. Call the table

File> link> table

3. Associate tables

Now for this, I display the table associated with the map, and:

Table> relations

Then a new relation is chosen and the fields to be associated are selected

Select Ok

Manifold tables relacinar arcgis

After this the system allows choosing the columns that are desired to be visible. And now, the tables are associated and you can see in gray those that are from the external table. Make changes in Excel and want to see 3manda updates to right click on the table and select Refresh data.

Manifold tables relacinar arcgis

With ArcGIS.

It should not be more complex, but for now using the tool Add Join, it does not do it to the first step. The message sent by the console is that the Excel table needs an Object ID.

Manifold gis join tables

Friends of Xyzmap They recommend passing the xls to dbf, but it is not the intention of the exercise. If someone helps us, we will do good to the community.

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  1. Hi, I'm wanting to make a map in google maps that has public view and that go there dump data of a survey that I built in google forms. I managed to pass the form of google forms to excel and from there to import it as a table to google maps. The issue is that, as the survey is being answered, the associated excel file is being completed, but google maps does not even find out. Is there any way to get the map updated in real time ?. Thank you in advance for any hand you can give us!

  2. But as you add an excel file as a layer because from the arccatalog you can not see it and add source I mark file not validly forsozamente I must convert it to DBF, and to vary the new excel 2007 can not record it directly in DBF.

  3. In Arcgis you can link the excel table, but you must open it directly as if it were one more layer ... (this is valid even with delimited text files).
    Once you have it inside the MXD, then you do a join, but without using the toolbox, but, from the right button of the layer to which you want to link it.
    Once you have associated it, you can change your XLS file from excel and the changes will be reflected in the attributes of the associated map, eventually you will have to give a redraw ...
    José Paredes.

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