Cybernetics, a great hosting service

Today there are many free hosting services, such as and Google Blogger now called Google Blogs.

But over time mature sites and businesses require a service that guarantees security to the economic and corporate value of the presence on the Internet. There are also different alternatives in this. In this case I want to talk about Cybernetics, which will focus on at least three interesting features:

1. Instalatron, more than 60 web utility programs.

CyberneticsMaybe this is the best because this does not exist this way in other providers. Without having to do specialized processes, the Direct Admin panel includes application installers like:

  • Galery, for the incorporation themes and service of images
  • WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, for content management of website or blog type
  • DokuWiki and Media Wiki, with this you can assemble contents in collaborative format
  • Advanced Poll, Guestbook and Contact Form, Flat Calendar, to add plugins that give additional functionality to the site
  • OpenX, this is one of the most used advertising servers today
  • Moodle, to serve online courses and virtual campuses
  • PHPBB, to mount forums

These are just 12, but in short there are more than 60 programs that give Cyberneticos an added value that as I said before, do not offer others. Not that others will not support it, but usually you have to work the installation externally and usually occupy an advanced level of ownership.

2. Up to 5 scalable plans.

CyberneticsFor a small site there are plans of 5 GB traffic from 4.33 Euros per month, with all services included and option to have more than one domain in the same account. The basic difference in plans is in storage capacity and bandwidth for traffic:

  • Personal Hosting, 5 GB of space, 10 GB for traffic. 6.09 Euros
  • Hosting Medium, 2 GB of space, 20 GB for traffic. 13.20 euros

In a similar way there are two other plans and a next level with option of Streaming as to mount sites of type radio transmitter or TV channel.

3. No commitment for 15 days.

For those who are looking for a Unlimited multidomain hosting And you want to make sure that what Cyberneticos offers is real, there is possibility to use it during 15 days.

So if you are looking to set up a website or switch providers, this is an option.

6 Replies to "Cyberneticos, a great hosting service"

  1. recommended 100%. They give the best service I know. If you want to host an important website where you have clients and serious things, I recommend them. Hostings there are many, but serious, reliable and safe hostings there are few as cybernetics.

  2. I broadcast my radio online with them. Centrova cast works great. Salu2

  3. They lack those of 1and1 miweb, but that is nonsense. The truth is that cybernetics are serious and services go beyond a simple editor. They are worth it!

  4. I have been with them for almost a year. They pull well. Are kind and give a good support the 2-3 times I've needed help with the installatron. Recommended to 100%

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