Filling my schedule for Baltimore

navteq Seeking, looking to do in Baltimore in view that I will attend the conference of Bentley systems, I found an exhibition of old maps that Navteq is sponsoring and whose name is interesting: «Finding our place in the world«. This exhibition is being held in Baltimore from March to June of this year and one mile from Inner Harbor.

This is considered one of the most ambitious North American maps exhibitions. They ensure that visitors will be able to see face to face some of the greatest treasures of the world, and not just maps made by cartographers but empirical maps of different areas of the world. The exhibition includes strange maps, impressive in detail, manuscripts made by explorers, spheres, maps of various areas around the world including cuneiform tablets of Mesopotamia. So I will pay the $ 12 dollars that it costs and I will try to see how the guided tour by mobile phone works.

Here I show you the map of the Aztec Capital, Tenochtitlán. Elaborated by none other than Hernán Cortés at 1524 ... well, I think I'll have fun.

map of mexico

I also appreciate the link to The Map Room

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  1. If you are interested in railways, visit the railway museum in Baltimore that contains a wonderful round-house with rolling stock and locomotives from the first decades of the 19th century. And if you can get to Wash. DC, (40 minutes by car and very good train service), do not forget to visit the "Map Division" of the Library of Congress, where you can entertain yourself with a formidable collection of Spanish maps of South America.
    Good trip!

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