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GPS Mobile Mapper 6, post-processing data

A few days ago we saw How to capture data With Mobile Mapper 6, now we are going to try post-processing. For this it is required to have the Mobile Mapper Office installed, in this case I am using version 2.0 that comes with the purchase of the equipment.

Downloading data.

The most practical way to do this is to use the Prolink, although if the data is being stored in the external memory, it is more functional to take the SD card and take the files from there.

Mobile mapper office postprocess

Upload data to the Mobile Mapper Office.

Previously I explained the functionality of the different formats, all the data is stored in the .shp files but the .map files are the layer containers, so if the files are downloaded to the same folder, by opening the .map we will be able to have the layers that had been configured. (Just like a gvSIG .gvp does)

Mobile mapper office postprocess To load them in the Mobile Mapper Office, it is selected from the blue button.

If you do not want to download the project, you can create a new one with the option "New"And then load the layers.

Mobile mapper office postprocess


As you can see in the graphic above, in the left panel you can turn off or turn on the .shp layers, while on the right you can change the fill or line color property.

Post-processing of data.

Mobile mapper office postprocessTo load data for Postprocess, The button is used Add remote raw data, with which we can select the .grw data that saved the GPS. These are reflected in the lower part of the panel, both its initial and final hours.

To load reference data, the following button is used, which allows, on the one hand, to load available data, such as:

  • Raw data in the Ashtech format (b *. *)
  • RINEX raw data

The other option is to download data from the web, if we have an Internet connection. Here it is possible to set the number of stations or also the kilometers around; then the system begins to look for stations that have data available for those hours in which we have captured information.

There it goes, searching in the data station RINEX ftp of the NOAA Cors stations, of course being in the United States or Spain would do wonders, as there are more stations nearby serving information on the Internet.

Mobile mapper office postprocess

See how, by giving the option of 7 stations, the IGS server in San Salvador identifies me, I suppose it is the CNR server at 168 kilometers. There are also two servers in Guatemala and two in Nicaragua, with the difference that those are 242 and 368 kilometers away. All taking data every 30 seconds, it is clear that none of these distances are acceptable for serious work, data from a closer base is required.

Mobile mapper office postprocess

Once you choose which one to download, then select it and press the button Download. There you can see how the time scale matches the data, once this is done you just have to press the button Start process, And wait for the treatment to end.

Mobile mapper office postprocess


See this example, it is a parking lot measured four times, the blue lines correspond to survey using shots every 1 second. The triangles correspond to the real information, taken with a Promark equipment with millimeter precision, just in the same period of time.

Mobile mapper office postprocess

When doing post-processing, see what happens, this correction adjusts the object stored in the GIS layer, that is the shape file, which modifies its geometric data, but not its tabular data stored in the dbf.

It is interesting that the relative distance without post-processing is less than one meter, if taken in equivalent times. But the absolute error is between 3 and 5 meters, when doing the post-processing it drops to less than one meter.

Mobile mapper office postprocess

Not bad for a team that goes below US $ 1,500 (The Mobile Mapper 6) The second example is taken from an exercise Discharged from the Magellan page. Clarification, when buying a team of these, you must ask that the post-processing is activated, as it is paid separately.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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  1. Hello, a question, I have a mobile mapper device (I use it as a base) and a Promark3 (from rover), after 7 months without use, I initialize and measure them. When I download the data I see that the file extensions are different. I notice that the date of the base does not match (the time is fine) with the current one, therefore I cannot process it (gnss solution), the question is how to change the date of the base and the file extension.

  2. The same thing happens to me with this error "when processing the GRW file, no vector was found that matches the shape files of the map"

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  4. You should reinstall the program. I understand that the provider's page should be able to be downloaded.

  5. My dear friend, my Mobile Mapper mobile device does not have the “MobileMapper Field”, since one of my colleagues apparently removed the software from the device. In this case, what can I do so that my team registers the coordinates and forms polygons.

  6. Hello could you help me as I configure my MM6 for flat coordinates

  7. hello could you help me how I set my MM6 for UTM coordinates and to visualize the map

  8. Good day friend, would you be so kind to help me with postprocessing a promark 200 ??
    since the files that are generated are of extension .csv and I cannot use them in the gnss solution ...

  9. Question:
    Did you get the data with a mobile mampper 6?
    These data can not be postprocessed, as I understand that device does not capture the raw that requires post processing.

  10. Hello good day. I am doing the post-processing by downloading the files in rimex format from the internet and when I introduce them in my mobile maper 6 program it tells me: "when processing the GRW file, no vector was found that matches the shape files of the map" although if the time slots coincide.
    Another question is if when I use my mobile maper 6 program, and I say "add raw reference data" if I can modify the stations that appear by default when clicking on "from the web".
    Thank you very much.

  11. It is not so easy to know. Start approving the date that the device has and the date of the PC

  12. My MM10 left can not find bases for post-processing.
    The MM ofice, download the .map files, download the raw files, pero can not find bases.
    What could be the problem?

  13. Hello: In my city it is necessary to do the census of the urban tree, in this census is intended for each individual a table with 47 item, among those who are. Image (photo), georeferencing, height, and others that are already forestry, which instruments can recommend me for this work, it is clear that this information will be mounted on a satellite image. thanks for your reply.

  14. Hello Dario. Greetings to Colombia.
    A 10 Mobile Mapper without post processing is like a browser, with accuracies around 2 meters. With the antenna you will not have improvements.

    Yes, you can use the base 3 Promark, and with this post-process the data of the MM10.
    I would not know if you would have better details, in my opinion, the details of Promark3 are equivalent but the Mobile Mapper 100.

    Depending on your interest, instead of an MM10 + antenna I would recommend you go better for a Mobile Mapper 100, that generates precisions below 50 centimeters without post processing as it already involves an antenna included internally. With postprocess you are in almost millimetric precisions.

    I suppose you saw this article, but I refreshed it.


  16. As I could help that I take the field data for post-processing and then under the rinex data for the post process I can not put them in layers to the guien can explain how it is done thanks

  17. The nearest station to Guanajuato is the University of Guanajuato, the next to 144 km is Aguascalientes de INEGI

    The program closes when you upload files by the version of Windows you have if VISTA change or immediately, in windows 7 runs the compatibility mode.

    the only way to measure distances in mobilemmaper is to stand on one of the points that make up the line and ask it to “go” to the other place where we want to know the distance. Does not have ODOMETER mode.

    to draw the ROUTE, because it draws a line and that is your route and it is seen in google with the simple fact of exporting in KML format

  18. As I can trace routes with the mobile mapper 6.
    -To be able to use google maps, is it necessary that the GPS is connected to the internet?

  19. We do not understand your question, if you explain yourself better ...

  20. Someone could tell me if to work with the maps, I need to install the programs on the disk and install the programs on the mobile mapper. I try to use it but the maps do not appear to me.


  21. Greetings could you please me with the mobile mapper 6 as you have to configure the equipment to measure meter that only coordinates and I need to use the method odometro greisas


  23. How can I perform the postprocess based on the data provided by the RGNA of Mexico.

  24. Greetings, I would like you to clear a doubt that is as follows.
    Location is in Guanajuato, Mexico, I made a survey with the mobile mapper 6 the problem is that to postprocess attempt to search for nearby stations on the web and are about 300 km the closest however in the page of the RGNA of INEGI provides the data of each station in the country and when trying to use this data in the post process the software tells me that the format of the file is not recognized, what should I do in this case to be able to use the data of the RGNA? And how can I link these to my uprising?
    O Accommodate the format of the file downloaded in the RGNA?


  25. Greetings, thanks for sharing this information ...

    I have an appointment, at the MM when I create a new job

    I get 2 options one is that works as a map and the other as dxf

    In the map option the information collected does not give me elevation,
    But in the dxf format itself,

    According to I understand by what read in this material the post process only works for the map formats?

    Can I get elevation data from a map file?

    I already tried exporting the data to dxf from the global mapper and it does not give me this data (z)

    So my precision will only be the one that throw me with the use of the receiving antenna if my work initializes it as dxf.

    Thank you very much for your comments in advance.

  26. The MobileMapper 10 can not be base. But it can be rover, the data that the MM10 saves are in shapefile format, contained in a .map file that calls them reference; These are downloaded and are post-processed compared to those taken by a MobileMapper 100, Promark or other of the above.

    The data that the base GPS takes is in raw format (.grw)

    Recent updates of the Mobile Mapper Office Already support postprocessing data from the MM10

  27. The MM10 serves as a basis?
    As under the files and with what extension for the rovert team to do the post process?

  28. I have no other programs installed
    The GPS program port is COM0
    The COM1 hardware port

  29. I'm asking, do you have another Gps access program like MobileMapping or ArcPad installed? How to prove if the problem is general

    Which port do you have configured?
    Do not have an external device configured?

  30. Don Geofumadas can help me with something please.
    I have an MM6. I have the calibrated compass and a good signal from satellites but when I start the MobileMapper Field program, a window appears that tells me that it can not connect to the GPS. How do I correct this error?

  31. Well, it's hard to know. It would have to be ensured that both teams were collecting data in simultaneous time, that the time was in the same condition, that the projection was the same, that the base was actually having a good reception.

  32. Please, I want to do post-processing and I get an error that says:

    “When processing the file xxxxxxxx.grw no vector was found that matches the shape files of the map.”

    I have really taken all the considerations that are due for the uprising and I do not know what is wrong. The quality control leaves without values. But as I do to have accuracy below the meter.

    Another query, if I want to raise streets, trails at what speed max I must go, so that the presicion is the best possible.

  33. Hi everyone, to see if you can help me, buy a mibile mapper 6, but it turns out that it does not bring the code, and with ashtech is very bad communication does not work for me, you know of a dealer here in Monterrey who can help me or some Of these

  34. The Mobile Mapper Pro is no longer for sale, but uses the same CX cable that is still distributed in any Magellan / Ashtech / Topcom store, you find it with the Ashtech dealer in your country.

  35. G You can inform me what type of connector uses the cable for the mobile mapper pro since the promark3 antenna cable connector is larger and does not fit. And where can I get it if you have information.

  36. I understand that the assistance is received by the rover, because the antenna is to improve the quality of reception in front of obstacles, while the base does not have that problem because you leave in a place somewhat clear, and also because it is static reception quality Maintains and accumulates as you change satellites. Very little extra help gets from the antenna.

  37. Hello geofumadas.
    I have two gps mobile mapper pro my question is that it helps both in the accuracy of the external antenna.
    if I leave one as a base it can be left without an external antenna but how accurate is the correction that makes the raw data of the gps that worked as a rover. Or if it is impracticable to connect the external antenna to the gps that remains of base.

  38. Thank you Juan Carlos. Very valuable your contributions.


  39. First of all congratulate you for your blog gives very useful advice, but I would like to make some clarifications.
    In Mexico two types of mobilemapper6 are sold with and without post processing, the postprocess key if purchased after the purchase of the equipment has a cost, such as 500 usd.
    As you say a mm6 can not be based in Mexico you link to the RGNA of INEGI, through the button to obtain reference data from a WEB site, but the same manufacturers (magellan) do not recommend that your survey to postprocess are more distant from 200km, I live in Xalapa, Veracruz and the nearest station is in Mexico City at the airport to 227km so my city is out of range.
    The antenna improves reception (which helps the number of satellites and is very good for confined sites), but not necessarily to the precision in clear sites, I say this because in Mexico, a guy on the internet sells an antenna for a map60cx of Garmin and says that with that antenna this browser is submetric without postprocessing or 2 receivers, then that does omnistar in the market, I wonder.
    the other person from oaxaca, be careful what you tell him, first GPS you do not need POLIGONALES that are the auxiliary stations that are set up with total station and are the sites to radiate with total station, but also apparently it thinks to combine them, ¡ eye! it is not advisable to combine a submetric GPS and a total millimeter station, it is enough to remember that the error of a GPS in elevation, is from 1.5 to 2 times that of XY.
    Finally to the person who wants to perform a REPLANTEO, the mm6 is submeterrico SOLO postprocessed, when making a stakeout iras with precision SBAS, ie meters.

    thanks for attention
    Greetings from xalapa veracruz mexico

  40. Hello Pablo, I have sent your mail to a representative of Ashtech / Magellan in Central America who will try to help you. You will be asked to give the serial number of the equipment.

  41. Hi, could you please tell me where to get the soft mapping and the postprocess code for my MM6. It has not been possible here in Colombia. They tell me to send the equipment to the Magellan house. I will not be able to order them and install them myself. Do you have any contacts in the US that can help me?

    Thanks for your feedback.

  42. Let's see, I'm still a bit confused. Do you have 2 in total? One of them working well and the other something is wrong, as I understand.

    The 6 mobile mapper can not improve its accuracy by itself. Requires one base, and base can not be a mobile mapper 6, but another one that I listed before.

    Another way to do post-processing, other than against data that works as a base using Rinex databases or those found on the Internet, as explained In this posT. It will depend on the area where you are and if the Geographic Institute of your country has data against which to postprocess.

  43. thanks for your comment G !, the other gps is the same (it is supposed) a mobile mapper 6 but when I do some survey does not give me any measure, so it is as unused. I can make polygon lines but I know they have some degree of error, how do I increase their accuracy? I have only the mobile mapping to program it, although they did it where they bought them. Will I need a complementary program? . thanks for the comment

  44. The GPS mobile mapper 6 can not work as a base to post-process, just as a rover. So to improve the accuracy, you must have one that supports function as a base:

    The following can work as a base: Mobile Mapper Pro, Mobile Maper CX, Promark 100, Promark 200, Promark 100, Mobile Mapper 10 or Mobile Mapper 200.

    So what you do, is that the computer that will function as a base, will configure you to operate as such. They must be with the same time and date, and start capturing data at the same time; The base must be in a fixed place, and it is recommended to leave capturing data about 20 minutes before and 20 minutes after the survey made by the rover.

    Those mobile mapper 6 can serve you as a rover, so once you finish capturing data, downloads and postprocesses taken with the mm6 against the fixed base, using Mobile Mapper Office.

    You tell me you have another one just like it? What brand Explains more as it is that it does not give measures and if you are talking about another equipment or always of a mm6.

  45. I have two 6 mobile mapper, it is an excellent team. A query when I do a survey as I do to increase the pressure? I have another gps but that does not give me any measure only the geographical coordinates. I would appreciate any comment

  46. very good day mr geo, can you please explain to me the procedure of how to carry out a topo survey .. with a mm6 I do not know since the manual only brings the basics I want to mark points, know the azimuth of each heading and the convergence, I thank you for your attentions in advance…. tabasco mexico ………………



  48. Because in Colombia I give you the option of searching for stations and you will not find them, you have to configure some options.

  49. Hello Irving, in which city and state of Mexico you are located.


  51. Raul, if you bought the new equipment, there comes a DVD that brings the step by step procedure in video.

  52. Hello Sr. Geophysical

    First let me congratulate you and thank you for the information you give us. I have a gps magellan promark3 and the software for post-processing is the GNSS SOLUTIONS, if you would be so kind as to indicate me the procedure for the post-processing of the data taken in the field.

  53. Best regards, could you tell me the best way to use my MobileMapper Pro, to perform the REPLACEMENT of a network ?. (Tricks or techniques, recommendations) I already have everything in paper (flat coordinates of the points) and I need to locate it in the field.

    Thanks for your feedback

  54. I recently bought an MM6, but it crashed with the MobileMapper software and restarted randomly, then I installed ArcPad 7.1.1 and it kept doing strange things…. Someone has been the same? I already sent it to guarantee with the supplier ...

  55. Greetings, please someone who can help me

    When starting the post process correction it indicates an error that indicates that a vector was not found that matches the shape files and does not perform correction lq

    What is happening

    I hope to receive some help, thanks

  56. You must contact the official Magellan or Ashtech representative in your country, and the company can help.

    By the way, what country are you in? South America?

  57. amigo vera I put a password, the gps and well I do not use it as 3 months and at the time of using it I do not remember the password and the passbook that I have got lost, to the gps I bought it from the package and I have all the purchase documents , I do not know how to take over I hope I can help

  58. Well, I do not remember having that mistake.
    Extra question, is it not that they are repeating the point numbers in different sessions?

    Try to download data by separate sessions to see if that's the problem.

  59. Good Mr geofumadas, it turns out that sometimes when I'm doing the transfer in the MobileMapper Office Software, that is, downloading the MobileMapper Pro GPS file to the PC, a message appears that says: "MANY CONSECUTIVE COUNTING ERRORS". How could I correct this problem? Finally, when it is given accept, it shows the survey but without the Postprocess option. Or in the worst case nothing is transferred.

    That could be happening???

    Thanks for your valuable help.

  60. I understand that your purchase comes with a disk, so that via ActiveSync you can reinstall the Windows Mobile application.

  61. hello to all, I wanted to help me because my gps mobile mapper 6 and I get a screen to place a password and I do not know, because my son I put a password and he remembers, when I try to connect the gps to the pc I get the Next message: The device is blocked. To connect it to this equipment or synchronize it, carry out the authentication on your computer.
    then what should I do, as I do to unlock or to reset the gps again, the gps is new and this happened in the course of activating it.

  62. Hi, Mr. Geofumadas

    I have a mm pro and recently acquired mm 6 I want to do postprocess but the file that generates as reference station the mm pro to add them as raw reference data are not compatible, this generates files with extension xxx.285 and those that request me are different If I add it as all files *. * Indicates unknown format, I could advise

  63. Amaigos, I ask you to advise me about which equipment you recommend me to make measurements of flat and steep land, the most accurate and approximated to the real areas,

  64. The base must not move, and can be anywhere, not necessarily just at the lifting site. So you place it in a safe and clear place.

    It is recommended that you light up 15 minutes before starting the lift and leave 15 minutes later, so you can accumulate readings.

  65. Hi Mr Geofumadas, I greet you from the cd. Of Oaxaca, I thank you for sharing your knowledge

    The question is about the data collection with two gps for post processing, the device that will raise base data will be fixed inside the closed polygonal or it will move to take certain points of the traverse and in the case of an open polygon for a water system where the base device can be placed

  66. Let's see if I understood correctly:

    You are supposed to have two teams picking up at the same time, one of them you should define as base, and the other as rover. In this way, one of them will raise raw data, and the other base data.
    The raw data is saved in a Mobile Mapper Job, that is why the extension .mmj while the computer that was raising data as a base, will save it with another extension but when using Mobile Mapper Office You can load them to postprocess them as long as they coincide in capture time.

    Is it your question, that if the data taken as raw can be converted to base?

  67. Good morning, Mr. Geofumadas, congratulations for your excellent technical and investigative work, and thank you for nurturing all of us interested in geomatics and all its relationships.

    I wanted to answer a question, when downloading the data from a mobile mapper pro the extension of the same is .mmj, the idea is to perform a post processing, so I would like to know the option to obtain the data in .grw format to be able to enter them As remote raw data at the time of post processing, Thanks for your Atension Regards.

  68. good. Dear, could you help me by telling me where I can buy the post-processing software, since the MM6 that I bought did not come with it and also not with the Mapping. They tell me about some codes that must be acquired to install the field software. I'm Really Stranded… ..
    Thank you

  69. In effect, Mobile Mapper Pro and Promark3 can post-process data taken with a Mobile Mapper 6.

    The MM6 little help you an external antenna. The example is taken without antenna.

  70. Greetings from Michoacan Mexico:
    Thank you for your professionalism.
    I have a Mobile Mapper pro with its post-processing key, is it possible to use it in combination with the MM6? Will I have inconveniences with the software between them? And my last question is whether the exercise of taking this data that is postprocessed is with the unit as it comes or if it will help to precision an external antenna?

    Thank you for your kind attentions.

  71. Dear friends, I have a magellan mobile mapper 6 the works done are in presicion of a tested meter, it is an excellent team and now I enjoy not only the mobil mapping, but also the gps meter pda.

    Congratulations Foristas


  72. Yes, capture time has to do, as well as conditions such as poor visibility. Such is the case that you are on the side of a building, a building with glasses or treetops.

    The precision I speak of, one meter is postprocessing, it's not the raw data.

    In tests that I have done, with 30 second takes, and in urban zone (no skyscrapers), I have already achieved post-processing, between 80 centimeters and 1.20 radial error.

  73. Does the time taken for the data to be inferred directly from the data?
    The pressure that is spoken of less than 1m, is in all measurements and for any condition? Or only in some cases and in optimum conditions?
    Thank you

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