Looking for blocks for AutoCAD?

Autocad blocks
If I had known about this site ten years ago, I would have saved a lot of time in making blocks that have gradually formed my private collection.

So the best thing I can do is share a site where you can find blocks for almost all kinds of architecture and engineering objects.

The site is BloquesAutocad.com and this is a list of the categories presented:

  • doors
  • health
  • signs and symbology
  • people silhouettes
  • Symbology plumbing
  • lighting technology symbology
  • Prefabricated partitioning
  • vegetation and trees
  • vehicles
  • windows
  • kitchen furniture
  • Teconol standards. building (NTE)
  • north
  • numbers
  • metallic profiles
  • Sports tracks
  • Fire protection (CPI)
  • forged
  • Formats and boxes
  • computers
  • bricks, lattices, ..
  • maps
  • Mechanics and screws
  • street furniture
  • furniture
  • accessibility
  • animals
  • 3 dimensions
  • Metal carpentry
  • constructive details
  • details facade
  • electricity
  • construction machinery
  • graphic scales
  • stairs
  • Shields and logos
  • arrows
  • parking lots
  • lifts
  • Det. reinforced concrete
  • security and health
  • calefacción
  • closures
  • paintings and legends

Other sites where you will find blocks for AutoCAD:
Portal Blocks, Arquitectuba, DimensionCAD, GaliciaCAD, BiblioCAD

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