Tips to get accustomed to the virtual keyboard of the Ipad

Nothing better than the Zagg keyboard to work on the Ipad, which in passing has already shown me serves as a buffer for a drop of one meter on the concrete. But walking is not always a grace, so here are some tips to get used to the virtual keyboard.


1 It is not good to take bad habits.

The uncomfortable is that you can not see all the keys with their hands in shape, nor can you see all the content that is being written. This makes it tempting to use two fingers again as a chicken eating sorghum on the farm of the grandmother of Usulután.

But no, we must not forget that if we want to make the best use of it, we must get used to using all our fingers. Just like a typing course was a good investment, taking Ipad requires investing in some practice, nothing that we should experience in the middle of a work session but it is not bad to return the old lessons of the typewriter.

Oh! I even felt that same feeling of Elementary proficiency Saying the same song ... FFF JJJ FFF JJJ ... while the gorgoreo sounded like an immense farm and the annoying Plin Which announced the need to do enter, But that also taught us to synchronize cut syllables.

I would like to see the same lady, with her invisible smile, now on this tablet to take my revenge. Hehe

It is also not convenient to get used to the automatic correction of spelling. This is as bad as writing without accents in Word and then making corrections with the right button on the text underlined in red; thus we will never improve the spelling and sooner or later we can be ashamed.

Although the use of Check spelling yes it is very useful. Although somewhat poor, it does not have options to add text to the dictionary.

Keyboard ipad

This adjustment in the Ipad is made in the application of settings, is chosen general and then keyboard.

The same type of keyboard is configured there, which in our environment should be QWERTY.

Practical automatic capitalization after a period or enter. As for the option to activate the point after two spaces it seems crazy that more than being a shortcut can lead to a bad habit.

2 You have to adapt to what you can not.

Definitely, the biggest difficulty is that just driving the screen, as happens with the classic keyboard is not possible. I have made the decision to make an adaptation that has worked for me:

  • While I'm working at the ends I see the screen, total in that part the fingers cover the keys. And when I go downtown I see him again, because the separation lets me take control that everything is going well.

The accents are a can, but there is a very practical trick. If the button is kept pressed, the options appear, but if it is done with a light drag up it is not necessary, the accent goes by default.

Just like in the typewriter, the letter "a" is difficult and doing that drag with the left pinkie wants some practice.

Ipad keyboard Also the something annoys the letter u with an accent, as you have to do the drag to the left because to the right appears with umlauts.

But finally it works, it takes adaptation to the numbers where you have to do some practice and also to that button that activates the symbols. Over time it becomes useful although typing classes do not work and you have to use both fingers again, despite the fact that in this web world the quotes, parentheses, two points and pleca are rarely used.

It is a matter of practice, with the use of the needs and the hobby to learn. As for example the use of blocked capital letters (CAPS LOCK), this is done by pressing the shift keys at the same time.

3 Unbeatable things

Perhaps the most annoying thing is that Apple designed the Ipad with a stupid curved front like a tile. Already in the Ipad2 this has been returned to a plane, but at least with this first version it is uncomfortable to place the device on a flat surface makes the position of the fingers on the keyboard unmanageable because you have to be playing with the unexpected turn on your loin.

For this there is no way out, just curse Jobs that occasionally causes pleasure.

But in short, the right thing to do is get used to it, just as we did with the mobile phone's keyboard, this has no turning back. The more we resist, the more frustrating it will be.

Also using the keyboard of the Ipad with great skill is irresistible to brag.

: )

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