Manifold GIS wins the Geospatial Leadership Award at GeoTec


About the event GeoTec It is carried out annually from 1987 in order to promote the best experiences in the innovation and implementation of geospatial technologies. As I showed them in the June agenda, Was held in Ottawa from 2 to 5, just today that ends have been announced the winners of the awards to the best efforts.

The mechanics of this award are similar to those that have been maintained in recent years, are accepted until April, then there is a space to opine, vote and criticize the proposals among the subscribers of the magazine GeoWorld, the newsletter GeoReport and users of sistio

And these are the winners:

Geospatial Innovator Award - which is delivered to developers who have created new software or hardware whose capabilities expand the potential of the geospatial industry.

Winner: Manifold System

Manifold cuda

Its great merit is the smoked of meterese to develop its applications so that the new forms of processing of 64 bits can take full advantage of the performance of parallel processes, which is one of the basic principles of what we now know as "multicore". dual core It is interesting that Manifold recognizes if the equipment has a type technology graphics card NVIDIA-CUDA And generating a rendered surface of considerable extension, from a map with a high-density DTM of triangulation points can be carried from more than 6 minutes to 11 seconds !!!

There were also three honorable mentions to:

  • AutoDesk, with its access technology FDO data
  • ESRI Canada, with its PurVIEW proposal
  • LizardTech, with the Express Suite

Award to the Public Company - Delivered to the government entity or institution for non-profit purposes

Winner: The American Military Engineering Agency And Transportation ... (SDDCTEA) with the adoption of IRRIS in its complex decision-making process.

Gis sddctea

Also in this category there were three honorable mentions:

  • The city of Nanaimo in British Columbia
  • The Environment and Emergencies Division of Canada
  • The City of Quinte West, Ontario.

Prize to the Private Enterprise - This is given to private institutions that have transcended in the adoption and innovation of GIS technologies.

Winner: ESRI, With the ArcGIS Explorer

Arcgis explorer A few days ago I remember doing a review of this tool, which every day is similar to Google Earth.

The two honorable mentions in this category were:

  • EmerGeo, With the software EmerGeoGIS Mapping
  • Intermap Technologies, with its NEXTmap 3D program

We are pleased to know that Manifold is making such incursions into the geospatial environment, as we saw in the CalGIS... because after a year of talking about the benefits of this application many believe that the world can be unfair if it fails to position itself among the big ones as independent technology and not be bought by another megaindustry.

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