Warning of false emails on behalf of Geofumadas

As of today, 23 of September we have received reports of readers that via Facebook or direct mail have received messages in the name of someone who writes from the site Geofumadas.

spamSo I take the space to warn the warning.

This is the classic message of the African scam that sends the following message:

Hi dear.
My name is Nancy.
I'm a simple care girl.
I am willing to meet people all over the world to exchange views and learn more about each culture and other life forms.
I am writing from the site
Geofumadas.com and decide to leave you this message to know if we can become friends and maybe later more.
Please forgive mistakes because I do not know much about the site and I am using a translator because the real language m is English.
I will be happy if you write again so we can get to know each other better.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Usually it has slight variations and the mails are used




The message is accompanied by a picture of a girl. We already knew about this, as they explained it the boys of www.soloparamusicos.com.ar, explaining the evolution of the second email, which finally ends up asking for data for such a bank transfer, in which I do not think anyone will fall but it becomes annoying inside the spam.

Even some sites have been believed and promoted within its content.

It is ironic that the message is a very bad translation into Spanish, where he mentions writing from the site, and apologizes for not knowing much about it. These things make any reader understand that it is a simple spam, unfortunately it is difficult to control these situations, since every day spammers find ways to sneak in social networks, subscription lists or site traffic. So, a pity to have to subsist knowing that they are there.

What's going on

First of all, I would like to thank the kindness of the readers who have sent me an email with which I have been able to unveil for a long time in the early morning, looking for vulnerabilities in WordPress, the new template, the subscription list of Geofumadas or social networks account. It has been interesting, the dream has gone away for a while, reading what has happened to others and finally I received the message from the host administrator ensuring that everything was in order, and it is just a common spammer who sneaks in who knows how in the new WordPress updates looking for vulnerable points in the stored backups.

After clarifying the subject, I rested for a while, without leaving an inevitable discomfort. We have also taken measures to avoid any vulnerability and maintain our attachment to our Privacy Policy.

Do not reply to email

That is the wisest, and the best way not to continue the affair.

If you have Gmail, the same message comes with the header in red saying that the mail could have been sent by a non-account holder, and many times we do not even see it because it goes directly to spam.

Finally, appeal to the maturity of the readers, who know how to understand that these times are like that. If you know of a new evolution in this type of tactics, we would appreciate reporting them.

A greeting and thanks for reading.

Editor (at) geofumadas.com

2 Replies to "Warning of false emails in the name of Geofumadas"

  1. To my equal I arrived one at the beginning I believed it but I started to investigate and I see also I will follow the current to see what tricks it uses and thanks for doing this.

  2. I dropped one, I will follow the current to see where it arrives and with what tricks ends up asking for money.


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