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  • Geophysics: 2010 Predictions: GIS Software

    A couple of days ago, in the heat of a stick coffee that my mother-in-law makes, we were hallucinating about the trends set for 2010 in the Internet area. In the case of the geospatial environment, the situation is more…

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  • How much software is worth in this blog?

    I've been writing about crazy technology topics for more than two years, usually software and its applications. Today I want to take the opportunity to analyze what it means to talk about software, in the hope of forming an opinion, doing…

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  • CadCorp GIS Quick Guide

    Earlier we talked about CadCorp, a software for GIS use with some good CAD capabilities. From here you can download a quick guide for Cadcorp, in Spanish. This is the content of the guide: 1 Introduction 2 Installation 3 File formats…

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  • CadCorp Development Tools

    In a previous post we talked about CadCorp desktop tools, in a model similar to ESRI's. In this case we will talk about extensions or additional solutions for development or expansion of capabilities. Although in this sense, the…

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  • The CadCorp family of products

    We had recently shown the ESRI family of industry products, both ArcGIS for desktop and the most common extensions. In this case, we will talk about the CadCorp family of products, in this case the desktop applications. One of the statements...

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  • GIS Software Alternatives

    We are currently experiencing a boom among many technologies and brands whose application in geographic information systems is feasible, in this list, separated by the type of license. Each of them has a link to a page where you can find more…

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  • Comparison between map servers (IMS)

    Before we talked about a comparison in terms of price, of various map server platforms, this time we will talk about the comparison in functionality. For this we will use as a basis a study by Pau Serra del Pozo, from the Office…

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  • Compare prices ESRI-Mapinfo-Cadcorp

    Previously we had compared licensing costs on GIS platforms, at least those that support sQLServer 2008. This is an analysis made by Petz, one day it had to make a decision to implement a mapping service (IMS). For this he did...

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  • GIS platforms, who take advantage?

    It is difficult to leave out so many platforms that exist, however for this review we will use those that Microsoft recently considers its allies in compatibility with SQL Server 2008. It is important to mention this opening of Microsoft SQL Server towards new…

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