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Autocad arcview google earthI was just talking about what it means in statistics to talk about software, specifically 11 programs that represent 50% of the visits come by keyword. It is difficult to give recommendations of which software is better, because it depends on different conditions of the context (and money), the most I can hope for is to write and give my impressions; for others to form their own. Unfortunately for being a blog, the particularities of the writer are inherent in the content, such as a sense of humor, patience, irony, without them the world could be more pragmatic ... but not a blog that should (at least this) produce pleasure (because that way was designed) more than applause.

My favorite 6 There are six shows that I frequently talk about, and which have become my favorites; in some cases more for use than for satisfaction or as J would say, more out of habit than pleasure. For half ordering the content store I did  Index pages. These 6 programs are:


  • Autocad arcview google earthAutoCAD (178 post)

The 178 posts not only refer to the basic tool, but AutoCAD Map, Civil 3D, Softdesk 8, AutoCAD WS, CivilCAD, Plex.Earth and other posts are on another topic but involve it. Because it is very popular, and the first CAD tool that I knew, I use this program frequently. Although there are many blogs and forums about AutoCAD, visitors generally come here who want to know how to download AutoCAD for free ...


  • Autocad arcview google earthMicrostation (175 post)

Like AutoCAD, apart from the basic tool I have talked about Bentley Map, Microstation Geographics, Descartes, Bentley Cadastre and the rest of the world. In some times I have made comparisons between both brands, some history and criticisms of their functionalities.


  • Autocad arcview google earthArcGIS (92 post)

Due to its popularity, I have not left it aside, although it has not been my preference for reasons of price at the business level. And because of the habit of respecting copyrights, I prefer to use Open Source or low-cost tools.


  • Autocad arcview google earthManifold GIS (89 post)

I have gained more from this tool, for the sake of constantly using it.


  • GvSIG (60 post)

Autocad arcview google earth This one arrived late to the blog, although it has been entertaining me lately. At the level of open source tools, I respect sustainability in the medium term, as long as development and partnerships do not lower their guard.


  • Google Earth (172 post)

Autocad arcview google earth It doesn't seem like it, but I have written more about Google Earth than other programs, although almost always interacting with them or with web applications. Although it is not a conventional GIS tool, its name will surely reaffirm the puffs that for now are championed under the name neogeography.

Other GIS Programs or Related Use Apart from the previous ones, I have done reviews of other programs, some of them deserve much more than a simple post, others are applications related to GIS work:

  1. Qis, The best of open source
  2. UDig, Good development, but limited
  3. MapInfo, Sturdy, but ...
  4. Global MapperIs growing a lot
  5. CadCorp, GIS product line
  6. Sitch Maps ... download images from Google Earth
  7. ContouringGE ... level curves in Google Earth
  8. Maptext, Complementary application
  9. Integeo, Business Intelligence
  10. MapExport, Interaction with Google maps
  11. Fdo2fdo, Format conversion
  12. MapSuite, GIS product line
  13. Erdas Titan ... chat and share data
  14. MapServer, Web publishing
  15. TatukGis Viewer, A great data viewer

Other CAD programs In the case of the DAC, my reviews have included:

  1. TopCAD, Very good for Topography and Design
  2. ArchiCAD, Has its category with 8 post related
  3. BitCAD, Of the line IntelliCAD
  4. ProgeCAD (IntelliCAD), my preference in this line
  5. ECAD Lite, an option for Microstation
  6. QCAD, An option for Linux and Mac
  7. Geo5, CAD applied to soil mechanics
  8. AnyDWG, To convert dwg files
  9. Photo Modeller ... from photos to 3D models
  10. FastCAD, The creator of the first version of AutoCAD
  11. CAD Explorer, To search in CAD files like in Google
  12. Ares, A CAD solution for Mac and Linux
  13. AutoCAD WS, AutoCAD from the Internet
  14. I gamble, Best for mechanical design 3D
  15. PlexEarth Tools, extension to connect AutoCAD with Google Earth
  16. CivilCAD, AutoCAD applications for Civil Engineering and Surveying

Programs similar to Google Earth

  1. ArcGIS Explorer, Good but heavy
  2. NASA World Wind, Good, but Java (slow)
  3. GeoShowPrivate
  4. MapJack, alternative to Street View
  5. Virtual Earth, More data in some countries

Other programs

Others have been mentioned by means of revisions or by simple use, among them:

  1. Dossier Manager …document management
  2. SodelsCot, ... to convert text to audio
  3. Live Writter ... to blog the beast
  4. Vuze ... uses and perversions
  5. Google Crhome Navigate with pleasure
  6. CardRecovery ... when the SD was damaged
  7. Earthplot ... graphs on Google Earth
  8. MapinXL, ... maps from Excel
  9. Woopra, To monitor blogs in real time
  10. Codecompare, To compare documents
  11. XYZtoCAD, To interact with AutoCAD with Excel
  12. TeamViewer, For remote internet support
  13. MobileMapper Office, To postprocess GPS data

Ipad Applications

With the arrival of this tool came new solutions, simple but useful and sure to grow in number.

  1. Blogsy, To write from the Ipad
  2. Gaia GPS, To capture routes

In mid-2011, if we summarize, 56 seems like a lot, but only the first six contain the largest volume of content. Many of the others hardly have a post.

Programs Software %
Favorite programs 6 11%
Other GIS programs 15 27%
Other CAD programs 14 25%
Programs similar to Google Earth 5 9%
Other programs 14 25%
Ipad Applications 2 4%
Total 37 100%

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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  1. Overall it is good software. While not owned by PitneyBowes was a sixth place in the utilization category, lately many improvements have been made, but it is still somewhat unknown software in the Hispanic context.

  2. Do you know the MapInfo GIS? I have not seen references from that GIS

  3. Hello, how are you, I have a mobile mapper 6, but whoever sold it to me gave it to me with no mobile mapping or mobile mapping field software that I can see that can bring those programs to collect data and GPS, only has windows mobile but Program can I charge it to work as a GPS?
    If it not only works like palm
    Thanks and regards

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